The Winchester Model 1200 was first offered to the public in 1964. It was used by US Marines and US Army soldiers in Vietnam, as a supplement to the Ithaca Model 37s and Remington 870s. It was a successful design and was also adopted in a police riot model for many departments across the United States. Though the shotgun was well received, Winchester wanted to develop a 'cheaper' shotgun that would cut into the market of Remington & Mossberg. The Winchester Model 1200 was one of the models to be phased out, when the U.S. Repeating Arms Company acquired Winchester from Olin in 1980. The 1200 eventually ceased all production by 1981 and ceded the pump shotgun line to the Model 1300.

The Winchester Model 1300 shotgun first appeared in 1978 as an 'economy' version of the 1200 and ultimately took over the pump shotgun line for Winchester in 1981 when the 1200 was discontinued. In addition to the hunting/sporting variations, the Model 1300 has been sold worldwide as the Tactical Police model, Slug Hunter, Marine, and Stainless Security version. Now the 1300 has been discontinued by Winchester (eliminated when the 'heads' of the U.S. Repeating Arms Company also ended the classic Model 1894 from their offerings.) Despite the closing of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company the 1300 is still produced under the name "SXP" (Super X Pump).

The shotgun is seen being used by gang members of the Street Punk Gangs.

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