"Hey! Lend me five dollars!"






Member of the Street Punk Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Tony Britts

Tulio is a member of the Street Punk Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 3. He is portrayed by actor Tony Britts.

History Edit

Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

Tulio is first seen harrassing Rodriguez and his wife Maria by asking them for 5 dollars and when they refuse he a steals Maria's purse and is punched by Paul Kersey but he is unable to catch him. As the Street Punk Gang continues to control East New York, Tulio breaks into the Kaprov's house as he pleases and goes about harrasing people. When Paul devises a plan to stop him from breaking into the Kaprov's house, Tulio loses two of his teeth and is knocked out of the Kaprov's house. He is last scene a the beating of Bennett Cross. He isn't seen agian and he did not participate in the battle between the Street Punk Gang and the residents of East New York. It is likley he survived and left East New York. Tulio appears to be either mentally unstable or just hyperactive and enjoys harrassing people. If he survived, he would be one of the few Street Punks to not have been killed by either Paul Kersey, the police, the residents of East New York or Lt. Shriker.