Train Muggers
Train Muggers
(No Lines)


Both Male


Brown Hat: 1940, Leather Jacket: 1942


Brown Hat: 1974 (Aged: 34), Leather Jacket: 1974 (Aged: 32)



First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Brown Hat: Unknown Leather Jacket: John Herzfeld

The Train Muggers were two muggers that tried to rob Paul Kersey on the subway in Death Wish. It is unknown who the one with the brown hat and grey jacket was portrayed by and the one with an American Flag leather jacket was portrayed by John Herzfeld.


Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

The two muggers were seen running down the stairs of the subway station in order to catch the train. They were both rowdy and got on the train in a way that drew attention to them by a police officer. In order to get away from the police officer, the two muggers went to a different train where Paul and a few other people were sitting. Worried about the fact they were muggers, the other people got off the train but Paul stayed on. As the train started moving they picked Paul out as an easy target and decided to rob him. The guy in the brown hat and grey jacket stood guard and the guy with the American Flag jacket took out a switchblade and cut Paul's newspaper. Paul pulled put his .32 Colt Police Positive and shot him but only wounding him. He proceded to shoot the other guy twice to death. Paul shoots the leather jacket guy while he was on the ground wounded and killed him. He waits for the train to come to a stop and gets off. The police rush on to the train as Paul gets away without anyone noticing him.