Tony Romero
Tony Romero
"There isn't anyone else. It's you! Your the one trying to screw us over!"






1987 (Aged: 27)


Drug Lord

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Dan Ferro

Tony Romero is a drug lord and antagonist in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He and his older brother Jack Romero are the leaders of the Romero Brothers Cartel who controlled almost half of the drug trade in Los Angeles. He was portrayed by actor Dan Ferro.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Tony and his brother Jack controlled almost half of the drug trade in Los Angeles along with Ed Zacharias who they were at peace with after Ed Zacharias stepped in and made peace with them after the Romero Brothers Cartel tries to move in on their operations. Tony was always suspicious of Ed Zacharias and always thought he would turn on them. When the Fake Nathan White wanted to control the drug trade in Los Angeles he enlisted the help of Paul Kersey under the false impression that he wanted revenge agianst the drug lords. As the attacks on the Romero Brother's operations became more frequent Tony thought Ed Zacharias was behind the attacks and wanted an all out war agianst him. Jack wasn't so sure and wanted to keep the peace. A meeting was set up between the Romero Brothers and Ed Zacharias to settle things once and for all. He began to yell and accuse Ed Zacharias of being behind the attacks only to have Ed Zacharias deny it. Paul shot at them with a sniper rifle to make it seem like each side was trying to set the other up and Tony was killed by Paul shortly after Jack was shot. He was shot in the back with a sniper rifle.


In contrast with his much calmer and more collected older brother, Tony was a lot more fiery-tempered, aggressive and prone to violence. He constantly acted carelessly out of impulsiveness and without thinking before jumping into action, always being eager to kill anyone who opposes him. Also unlike his brother, Tony was much more distrustful of Ed Zacharias, not only from the "inferior" and nasty treatment given to him by Zacharias, but also on blindly believing that Zacharias secretively plotted to overthrow and eliminate him. After Jack's death in the oil rig scene, Tony was seen right after blazingly trying to kill a fleeing Ed Zacharias without even suspecting of it being a trap cleverly set up by someone else in order to lure both cartels into killing each other. Tony's reckless and rather unintelligent nature allowed Paul to shoot and kill him from behind with a sniper rifle.