Tommy O'Shea's Thugs
Mickey and Frankie
"He's inside."


All three male


Mickey: 1956, Frankie: 1961, Angel: 1952


Mickey: 1994 (Aged: 38), Frankie: 1994 (Aged: 33), Angel: 1994 (Aged: 42)


Hired thugs for Tommy O'Shea

First Appearance

Death Wish 5: The Face of Death

Portrayed By

Mickey: Tim MacMenamin, Frankie: Scott Spidell, Angel: Sandro Limotta

Tommy O'Shea's Thugs are three thugs named Mickey, Frankie and Angel that work for Tommy O'Shea and are used by him to try to kill Paul Kersey as he stormed the fashion factory that Tommy was held up in and antagonists in Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. Mickey was portrayed by actor Tim MacMenamin, Frankie was portrayed by actor Scott Spidell and Angel was portrayed by actor Sandro Limotta.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

They had been working for the O'Shea Gang for a while and served as just thugs and enforcers for Tommy O'Shea. Tommy used them to fight off Paul as he had Tommy cornered and held up in Olivia Regent's fashion factory. Tommy sent Sal to get his daughter Chelsea, knowing that Paul would follow him and be lead into Tommy's trap. While Sal was gone, Mickey, Frankie and Angel showed up and Tommy gave them weapons and told them to go downstairs and kill Paul when he entered the building. They got into position after Sal returned with Chelsea. Paul entered the factory and they all moved around trying to get a good shot at him. Before they could shoot him, Paul rigged a forklift to drive on it's own towards them. He also put a manikin on it to give the allusion that he was driving the forklift. When it began moving towards them, they all fired at the forklift and were distracted by the decoy as Paul moved around behind them. After they stopped to reload, Paul shot Frankie and he died instantly. He then shot Mickey who fell onto an electric fence and was electrocuted to death. Paul then aimed at Angel who had dropped his gun and had his hands up. Paul asked where Chelsea was and after he said he didn't know, Paul made him walk to another part of the factory at gunpoint. He made him hold a piece of cellophane as it wrapped around his body until it covered his face. After a few seconds he couldn't breathe and he shook his head to let Paul know that he was ready to talk. After finding out where Chelsea was, Paul put him up on a rotating clothes rack and told him to be quiet. Paul then called in on one of the dropped walkie-talkies and told Tommy that he was coming for him. This caused Chelsea to run out of the office and down to the fashion factory to find Paul. Tommy told Sal to take care of Paul while he would find Chelsea. As Sal looked around in the factory Angel, who was still hanging on the rotating clothes rack, called out his name which caused Sal to be startled and look in the direction where the voice came from. He saw Angel on the rack and not knowing it was him, he shot him repeatedly and he was killed. Sal then continued to look for Paul.


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