Thomas Leroy Marston
Thomas Leroy Marston
"Give the money or I'll bust you up."




1948 (Novel)
1936 (Movie)


1972 (Novel; aged 24)
1974 (Movie; aged 38)



First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By


Thomas Leroy Marston is the first mugger Paul Kersey encounters that he kills in Death Wish. It is unknown who portrayed him. His character also appeared in the novel.


In the novel Thomas Leroy Marston was an ex-con. Two weeks prior to his chance meeting with Paul he was released from Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York where he did two months out of his five-year term for the armed robbery.

He tried to rob Paul Benjamin with a hunting knife in the Riverside Park, only to be shot three times with a .32 Smith & Wesson revolver, becoming the first victim of "The Vigilante". [1]


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Thomas Leroy Marston had a long criminal record and had served time in prison. He was also on drugs and possibly tried to mug Paul to get enough money to buy more. He approached Paul late at night in a park where Paul was walking alone as if to lure muggers in and when Thomas Leroy Marston approached him he ordered Paul to give him his money. Paul turned around and shot Thomas Leroy Marston with one shot to the chest. He was the first person Paul ever killed resulting in Paul throwing up at the very idea when he got home. When Lt. Frank Ochoa and other cops discovered his body he confirmed that it was a vigilante killing and that whoever did this did it in self defense.


In the novel Marston described as a very tall and skinny man, dressed in the short jacket, skull-like head and hair of an ambiguous color - light red or blonde. In the movie, while description is mostly preserved he's younger, and not that tall. [2]


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