The Giggler
The giggler
"What is this man?"






1985 (Aged: 26)


Member of the Street Punk Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Kirk Taylor

|Row 7 Race-Hispanic . The Giggler is a high ranking member of the Street Punk Gang in Death Wish 3. He is called The Giggler because of the way he laughs whenever he commits a crime. He is portrayed by Kirk Taylor.


Member of the Street Punk GangEdit

The Giggler was a high ranking member of the Street Punk Gang and was shown to have athourity over members of the gang.
Dead giggler

The Giggler's dead body.

Before Paul Kersey arrived in East New York he aparrently killed a girl by putting a switchblade in her skull and was not arrested for it. After Paul arrives, The Giggler and a few other Street Punk Gang members beat up Paul's friend Charlie for not paying protection money. Charlie dies of his wounds upon Paul's arrival and Paul is wrongly accused of killing Charlie as the Giggler and his fellow Street Punk Gang members escape the scene. After Paul gets out of jail he tries to catch The Giggler on several occasions after he steals a few womens purses. After the Street Punk Gang's attacks become more frequent Paul orders a .475 Wildey Magnum in the mail and decides to test it out on The Giggler. After Paul lures him to steal a camera bag The Giggler runs off. Paul pulls out his Wildey Magnum and shoots The Giggler leaving a huge mark. The Giggler's death makes the Street Punk Gang retaliate violently agianst the residents of East New York.