The Cuban
The Cuban Death Wish 3




April 16th, 1960


1985 (Aged: 25)


Member of the Street Punk Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Ricco Ross

The Cuban is a member of the Street Punk Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 3. He is portrayed by actor Ricco Ross.


Agiasnt Paul KerseyEdit

The Cuban is first seen when Manny Fraker confronts a rival gang member and tells him that he is out of his turf. He then orders him to be beat up. Then The Cuban hacks him to death with an axe. The Cuban is later seen with other Street Punks contemplating with Manny on how to kill Paul Kersey. He decided that he should lure him into a trap by making Paul follow him into an alley and having The Cuban and another Street Punk kill him. Once Paul follows Manny into the alley he tries to chase after him but Manny gets away. Paul is confronted by The Cuban and the other Street Punk and he hides in an abandoned building until they come looking for him. One Street Punk is ambushed by Paul and knocked unconcious. Paul tries to throw a switchblade he got from the other Street Punk at The Cuban but he dodges it. The Cuban chases after Paul and follows him up a fire escape and into an apartment. Paul hides in the shadows on the roof with a metal pipe and waits for The Cuban to get near the edge of the buliding. When he does Paul hits him and he falls from the buliding onto a car below. He dies as soon as he hits the car.