Subway Station Muggers
Subway Station Muggers
"Let's see the money man."


Both Male


Brown Jacket: January 13th, 1915, Plaid Jacket: 1947


Brown Jacket: 1974 (Aged: 59), Plaid Jacket: 1974 (Aged: 27)



First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Brown Jacket: John C. Becher, Plaid Jacket: Unknown

The Subway Station Muggers were two muggers named Joseph Roscoe Adams and George Reach that attempted to rob Paul Kersey in Death Wish. The one with the brown jacket and musctache was potrayed by John C. Becher and it is unknown who portrayed the one with the plaid jacket.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

The two muggers were eating at a diner and noticed Paul Kersey sitting at the bar. Thinking he looked wealthy they decided to follow him as he left the diner. Paul walked down into the subway station and they ran into a different tunnel to confront him from a different side. They then approached him and the one with the brown jacket asked Paul for a match. When Paul got out the match the other mugger pulled out a knife and asked Paul what else he had and demanded money. Paul said they'd have to take it from him. They moved in on Paul and he shot and wounded the one in the brown jacket but stabbed by the one in the plaid jacket. He shot and killed the one who stabbed him but the other guy tried to get away. Paul shot as he ran away. He managed to get up the stairs and escape but collapsed on the sidewalk. He survived but the police were unable to question him because he died of his wounds after he got to the hospital. They were the first muggers to wound Paul but he patched up the wound with some cotton gauze and rubbing alcohol when he got back home. This was later found by Lt. Frank Ochoa who used it as evidence in the vigilante case when he suspected it was Paul Kersey who was the vigilante. Due to their age differance, the two muggers may have been father and son.