"Nirvana, you want a bit?"






1982 (Aged: 28)


Member of Nirvana's Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 2

Portratyed By

Kevyn Major Howard

Stomper is a member of Nirvana's Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 2. He is portrayed by actor Kevyn Major Howard.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Stomper is first seen with the other members of the gang and took part in taking Paul Kersey's wallet as he tried to by some ice cream. Later on he and the gang broke into Paul's house and raped the maid Rosario. When Paul and his daughter Carol home Stomper punched Paul in the stomach 3 times as Nirvana and Cutter held Paul in place. Later on in the film Paul saw Stomper stepping out of a fast food restaurant with a friend. Paul recognized him and began following him into an abandoned hotel. Stomper and his friend were doing a drug deal with a pair of cholos. Paul accidently knocked over a can of soda and blew his cover. After killing Stomper's friend and ordering the two cholos to leave, Paul confronted Stomper. Paul saw that Stomper was wearing a cross and asked him if he believed in Jesus. Stomper replied that he did believe in Jesus. Paul then said "Well you're gonna meet him." Paul then shot stomper twice in the chest.