Stair Muggers
Stair Mugger 3
"Come one down and bring us the money, honey!"


All three Male


White Guy:July 13th, 1916, Black Guy with Gun: July 14th, 1952, Black Guy with Green Jacket: 1950


White Guy: 1974 (Aged: 58), Black Guy with Green Jacket: 1974 (Aged: 24)



First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

White Guy: Ken Ackles, Black Guy with Gun: Eric Laneuville, Black Guy with Green Jacket: Unknown

The Stair Muggers were three muggers that Paul Kersey encountered one night on the stairs at a park. They cornered him and prevented him from going either direction. The white mugger was portrayed by Ken Ackles, the black mugger with the gun was portrayed by Eric Laneville, the black mugger in green jacket was played by Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs


Agiasnt Paul KerseyEdit

As Paul was walking through the park at night not knowing that Lt. Frank Ochoa was on his tail, he encountered three muggers while walking down stairs in a park. At the bottom of the stairs were two muggers armed with switchblades and at the top of the stairs was a mugger armed with a gun. Paul thought quickly shot the mugger in the green coat. He then shot at the robber at the top of the stairs and missed. Meanwhile the white mugger tried to run away but Paul shot and killed him. Right after that the mugger with the gun shot Kersey in the leg wounding him. As the mugger tried to escape Paul shot at him yet missed again and then chased after him. He countiued to chase him despite his wounds and eventually the mugger was confronted by Paul as Paul was at the top of a flight of stairs and the mugger was some distance away but within range. The mugger didn't draw his gun even though Paul told him to and eventually the police sirens could be heard and the mugger ran away. Paul then passed out from his wounds. Later he was in the hospital and had been treated for his wounds and right beside him in his hospital room was Lt. Frank Ochoa. Lt. Ochoa said they wouldn't arrest Paul as long as he left New York City. Paul then left New York City and went to Chicago.

Two Other MuggersEdit

Stair Mugger 2

White Mugger

Stair Mugger 1

Black Mugger with Green Jacket