Sal Paconi
Sal Paconi
"Reg, that was really stupid. You've got a big mouth. Now, apologize to the man!"






1994 (Aged: 43)


Enforcer in the O'Shea Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 5: The Face of Death

Portrayed By

Chuck Shamata

Sal Paconi is a mobster in the O'Shea Gang and secondary antagonist in Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. He was portrayed by actor Chuck Shamata.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Sal Paconi was Tommy O'Shea's right hand man and he along with his brother Chicki Paconi were seen with Tommy at all times. Sal is Italian and had a milder temper than his brother but was still mean and violent when he needed to be. He was also a bit racist to Reggie who was black often making remarks about him to his face. When he and his brother are harassing people and causing trouble at the factory Paul Kersey confronts them. Often Sal lets his brother do the violent work while he sits back and makes the decisions. After constant harassment against Olivia Regnet's fashion business she agrees to testify against Tommy. Sal, Chicki and Freddie "Flakes" sent by Tommy to kill her and Paul. Olivia dies but Paul survives the attack and sets out for revenge. After killing Chicki and Freddie, Paul goes to the factory to rescue Chelsea who has been kidnapped by Tommy. During a firefight against Tommy's enforcers Paul kills Sal by knocking him into a grinder that completely grinds his body into chunks of flesh. Sal probably had the most gruesome death out of anyone Paul Kersey ever killed. When his brother Chicki died he became discouraged and a bit depressed.