"All I got is a Zip Gun."






Resident of East New York

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Joseph Gonzalez

Rodriguez is a Puerto-Rican American resident in East New York where the Street Punk Gang is causing violent attacks in Death Wish 3. After his wife is killed he decided to join Paul Kersey in the fight agianst the Street Punk Gang. He is potrayed by actor Joseph Gonzalez.


Dealing with the Street Punk GangEdit

Rodriguez and his wife Maria were residents of East New York just trying to get by whilst avoiding the Street Punk Gang as best they could. They were still helpless at the hands of the Street Punk Gang and like all other residents didn't fight back. Rodriguez and his wife were harrassed daily by the Street Punks. Paul Kersey returned to New York to visit his old friend Charley but was thrown in jail after being wrongfully blamed for his murder. After being relased from prison, Paul saved Rodriguez's wife Maria from being attacked by Hermosa who was a member of the Street Punk Gang. Rodriguez helps Paul keep East New York safe by chasing after The Giggler a few times and also helping Paul patrol the streets and defend residents agianst the Street Punks. As Paul continutes to fight back against the Street Punk Gang their leader Manny Franker gets angry and orders revenge attacks on Paul's friends and their buisnesses. Rodriguez's wife is kidnapped in a grocery store parking lot and raped by the Street Punk Gang. Paul and Rodriguez are informed that she only has a broken arm but she dies as a result of broken blood vessels after they arrive at the hospital. Rodriguez decides he's had enough and joins Paul in his fight agianst the Street Punk Gang along with all of the other residents of East New York. He holds the ammo for Paul's machine gun and assists Paul in the fight. Rodriguez, armed with only a Zip Gun saves Paul's life by killing Angel who was aiming right at Paul. After the fight it is presumed that Rodriguez went back to living in East New York because the Street Punk Gang wouldn't bother him anymore.