Punk cut
"Hey Jiver, save some for me man!"




February 1st, 1955


1982 (Aged: 27)


Member of Nirvana's Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 2

Portrayed By

E. Lamont Johnson

PunkCut was a member of Nirvana's Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 2. He is portrayed by actor E. Lamont Johnson.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

PunkCut is first seen hanging around with the other members of Nirvana's Gang while Paul Kersey is out at a street fair with his daughter Carol and Geri Nichols. When Paul Kersey gets out his wallet to buy some ice cream he helps steal it. In retaliation for beating up Jiver, later PunkCut took part in breaking into Paul's house and raping his maid Rosario and beating up Paul. After the gang kidnaped Carol, he raped her while she just lay there and did nothing. He did it in front of the whole gang as they watched. After she tried to run away he and the other members of the gang chased after her but she fell out of a window and died. Evantually he, Cutter and Nirvana were the only surviving members of Nirvana's Gang after Paul had killed Stomper and Jiver, and they go to a park for a drug and weapons deal. After a shootout starts between Paul and Lt. Frank Ochoa and PunkCut, Nirvana, Cutter and the weapons dealers. Punkcut is shot in the stomach but dosen't immediately die. He is still alive when the police arrive and is interrogated. He gives the real name of Nirvana being Charles Wilson but dies of his wounds. Like most members of the gang Punkcut was vile and rowdy. He would harass people especially on the bus. He was the weakest looking member of Nirvana's Gang and was most likley a rapist due to the way he raped Rosario and having passionate sex with Carol.