Patrolman Jackson Reilly
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"His address sir."




February 5th, 1948


Police Patrolman

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Christopher Guest

Patrolman Jackson Reilly is a young police officer from the 21st precinct who was the first officer to respond to the gunshots heard when Paul Kersey got into a shootout with the Stair Muggers and was wounded. He was portrayed by actor Christopher Guest.

History[edit | edit source]

Police Patrolman in New York City[edit | edit source]

Patrolman Jackson Reilly is first seen before Lt. Frank Ochoa arrives at the hospital where Paul Kersey is being treated for the wounds he sustained in a shootout. After arriving at the shooting scene, Lt. Ochoa is shown to Patrolman Reilly and they have a conversation in private. Lt. Ochoa asks him, "What did you get?" and Patrolman Reilly responds, "His address, sir" as he hands over Kersey's .32 Colt revolver. Patrolman Reilly does not mention the gun as he speaks to Ochoa, but rather engages in somewhat stilted "police talk" as he hands it over. Lt. Ochoa asks if "this" - meaning the gun - is mentioned in his report, to which Reilly answers "no". "Why not?" asks Ochoa, to which Reilly replies, "I was awaiting further instructions, sir." Ochoa tells him, "You never saw this" (meaning the gun), to which Reilly responds, "yes sir". As Lt. Ochoa walks away he asks Reilly for his full name and says that he will remember it, perhaps an indicator that Patrolman Reilly might just be in line for some special attention i.e. that he will be remembered come promotion time.

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