Orson Pyne is a college professor who became a vigilante and is the main antagonist in the novel Death Sentence.


Agianst Paul BenjaminEdit

Very little is known about Orosn Pyne but what is known is that he was a College Professor who started making vigilante killings. Paul Benjamin who had moved to Chicago from New York City after he had been let go by the police continued being a vigilante. Orson Pyne, who has been immitating Paul by making vigilante killings attracts his attention. Orson Pyne became a vigilante more for publicity and to attract the attention of the media but killed criminals just as violently as Paul. When Paul starts to look for him, he decides to go after Paul and his girlfriend Irene Evans in order to get rid of Paul so he can be the only vigilante. Paul tries to stop Orson Pyne and eventually they confront each other and Paul kills him. Paul realizes that vigilantism is wrong and can be used for the wrong reasons. Because of Orson Pyne, Paul decides to not be a vigilante anymore.