Olivia Regent
Olivia Regent
"He's downstairs in the factory."




March 17th, 1954


1994 (Aged: 40)


Paul Kersey's fiance, fashion designer

First Appearance

Death Wish 5: The Face of Death

Portrayed By

Lesley-Anne Down

Olivia Regent is a fashion designer and Paul Kersey's fiance in Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. She was portrayed by actress Lesley-Anne Down.


Fashion Designer and Paul Kersey's FianceEdit

Olivia Regent had been in the fashion industry for most of her life and had a well established reputation in it. She owned her own fashion company. At some point, she got married to Irish mobster Tommy O'Shea and had a daughter with him named Chelsea. After a while Olivia became fed up with Tommy's violent attitude and divorced him. Later on, she began dating Paul Kersey who was in the witness protection program for his many years of vigilante activities. Their relationship was very good and eventually Paul asked her to marry him and she accepted. Some time after the divorce of Tommy and before meeting Paul, Tommy had infultrated her business and other garment industries in New York City. Tommy was taking money from her and controlling some of her company. When Paul met Tommy, he convinced Olivia to testify against him. Paul talked to district attorney Brian Hoyle who he met years ago and his partner Lt. Hector Vasquez. They would set up a case against Tommy with Olivia's help. At the restaurant Paul asked Olivia to marry him, Tommy and other members of the O'Shea Gang were there as well. They were tipped off by Vasquez. Freddie "Flakes" followed her into the bathroom disguised as a woman and smashed her head into the mirror disfiguring her to stop her from testifying against Tommy. Paul, who wanted to get revenge for himself is convinced by the police to help them take Tommy down instead. Due to Tommy's involvement in police corruption, Lt. Hector Vasquez informs him of their plans and he sends some of his men to kill her and Paul. Olivia is killed when they attack her and Paul while they are at Olivia's house. She was shot in the back by Freddie Paul manages to escape. He is infuriated by Tommy's actions and goes after him and his organization.