Officer Joe Charles
Officer Joe Charles
"No sir, just beat up."






Police Officer

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Robert Kya-Hill

Officer Joe Charles is a police officer that responded on the scene when Paul Kersey's wife Joanna and daugther Carol were attacked in Death Wish. He was portrayed by actor Robert Kya-Hill.


Paul Kersey's CaseEdit

Officer Joe Charles was the police officer who responded to when Joanna Kersey and Carol Kersey were attacked by the Freaks. He rode with them in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and was there when Paul Kersey arrived to meet his son-in-law Jack Toby who called him and told him of the attack. Officer Joe Charles informed Paul on what he knew and then told him that if he had any more questions he could look for him at the 21st precinct. Paul later came to the 21st precinct and asked for him and he told Paul to talk to Lt. Briggs. After leading him to Lt. Briggs he left to go on duty. He had a tendency to incorrectly pronounce Paul's last name like "Kiersee."