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The VictimsEdit

  1. Joe Darley - stabbed in the chest with a combat knife after a struggle. (Death Sentence)
  2. Jamie - trapped with a seatbelt and crushed in a car dropped from a parking (after being beaten with a hockey stick, asphalt, car door). (Death Sentence)
  3. Tommy - shot in the head with a Colt Python. (Death Sentence)
  4. Spink - car rimmed into his van, crushing him. (Death Sentence)
  5. Heco - leg shot off with a Rossi Overland double-barreled shotgun, then shot in the chest with it. (Death Sentence)
  6. Baggy - wounded in the leg and then shot in the chest (and thrown through the window) with Rossi Overland shotgun. (Death Sentence)
  7. Dog - wounded in the face and then shot through the wall with a Rossi Overland shotgun. (Death Sentence)
  8. Bodie - shot in the head with a Colt M1991A1. (Death Sentence)
  9. Billy Darely - shot multiple times in the left arm and chest with a Colt M1991A1, including severing off two fingers. (Death Sentence)


Indirect DeathsEdit


  1. Store Clerk - while missing the actual moment, he heard the shooting and have seen a corpse. (Death Sentence)
  2. Brendan Hume - witnessed his throat being slashed by Joe Darley which led to his death. (Death Sentence)
  3. Helen Hume - witnessed her being fatally wounded by Billy Darley. (Death Sentence)


Assault With InjuriesEdit

  1. Bodie - beaten with a briefcase. (Death Sentence)
  2. Heco - beaten with a baseball bat. Later thrown from the stairs. (Death Sentence)
  3. Baggy - had thrown a baseball bat on him. Later makes shoot him in the leg. (Death Sentence)
  4. Bartender - beaten. (Death Sentence)
  5. Dock Rat - beaten, nose broken. (Death Sentence)

=Later SuccessEdit



  1. Lucas Hume - was an attempted victim of Billy Darley, survived. (Death Sentence)
  2. Tommy's Girlfriend - was in the line of fire. Spared. (Death Sentence)



Death Sentence (2007)Edit