Nick Franco
"You worry too much."




October 8, 1946


1987 (Aged: 41)


Enforcer for Ed Zacharias's Cartel, Enforcer for the Fake Nathan White Drug Syndicate

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Peter Sherayko

Nicholas "Nick" Franco was a member of Ed Zacharias's Cartel who later worked for the Fake Nathan White and antagonist in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He is portrayed by actor Peter Sherayko.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Nick Franco was originally Ed Zacharias's best friend, right-hand man and a loyal and skilled enforcer. He served as his bodyguard and was always near him especially when the Romero brothers were around. He is seen at Ed Zacharias's birthday party where he and the Romero brothers are meeting to discuss the murder of Jojo Ross. When Paul Kersey is noticed during the meeting at the party, disguised as a waiter, Nick and other bodyguards make him exit the restroom and he later gets away after one of them, Al Arroyo, tries to kill him but gets killed instead. Later, at the oil rigs, Nick is seen with more of Ed Zacharias's enforcers when they confront the Romero brothers's cartel. When the shooting starts, Nick pulls out his twin Colt Single Action Revolvers and starts shooting, killing Jack Romero beforehand. After an intense firefight he drives away leaving Ed Zacharias behind - Nick becomes the sole survivor of the oil rig shootout. Later, after both Ed Zacharias's and the Romero Brothers's drug operations are decimated, he becomes a member of the Fake Nathan White Drug Syndicate. Nick, White and the other members of the Fake White's organization kidnap journalist Karen Sheldon, Paul's girlfriend, in order to lure him into a trap and kill him. After the ambush fails, they go to a roller rink and confront Paul only for most of them to be killed by his M-16 assault rifle with a M203 grenade launcher embedded. Nick is killed by Paul at the roller rink as he silently tried to shoot at Paul from behind while the Fake Nathan White held Karen Sheldon hostage.