Max Green
Max Green
"Come on man its a business."




October 21st, 1948


1987 (Aged: 38)


Head of the street dealers for the Romero Brothers Cartel

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Tom Everett

Max Green is head of the street dealers in the Romero Brothers Cartel and antagonist in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He was portrayed by actor Tom Everett.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Max Green has had numerous arrests and no convictions for pimping, child pornography, drug dealing and murder as whitnesses agianst Max tend to dissapaer, most likely kidnapped by the cartel and brutally murdered. He is a resident of Las Vegas and when he is in Los Angeles he operates out of a video rental store on the West Side. Max is first seen walking around with Jack Romero, Tony Romero and Frank Bauggs at Ed Zacharias's lavish birthday party. He didn't say anything and was likely there with Frank to protect the Romero Brothers. Later as Paul gathers more information about the Romero Brothers's operations he visits Max's video rental store to kill him. Paul walks into the back room and gets out a silenced MAC-10 and looks for Max. He finds him sitting in his office talking on the phone and confronts him with the MAC-10. As Paul questions him about his operations Max makes up excuses for selling drugs. Paul gets mad and throws a bag of cocaine at him. Max pulls out a gun, but Paul kills him before he can shoot Paul. The shooting alerts guards in the other room and Paul kills them as well. Paul then escapes the store. Later Phil Nozaki and Det. Reiner show up to investigate and are told to stake out Frank Bauggs's apartment and look for who is targeting the Romero Brothers.