Lt. Richard Shriker
Richard shriker
"I can't do anything....I'm a cop."




October 30th, 1940


Police Chief of East New York

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Ed Lauter

Lt. Richard Shriker is the police chief od East New York and ally in Death Wish 3. He let Paul Kersey leave jail if he would help the police get rid of the Street Punk Gang. He was portrayed by actor Ed Lauter.


Dealing with the Street Punk GangEdit

Lt. Richard Shriker is the police chief of East New York which has become the most violent part of the city because of the rampant presence of a ruthless gang known as the Street Punk Gang. Muggings, rapes and murder were all up 11% despite increasing police patrolling and Lt. Shriker didn't know how to deal with it. When Paul Kersey was wrongfully sent to jail for appearing as if he had killed Charley, Lt. Shriker recognized him as the vigilante and said that he would let him leave jail if he would get rid of the Street Punk Gang. Lt. Shriker keeps Paul informed about whats going on with the gang and tells him who he needs to kill. Although Lt. Shriker does not let any other police officers know about his deal with Paul, no one seems to be suspicious about it. As Paul and the Street Punk Gang keep hitting one another back and forth the citizens of East New York decide to join up and fight the Street Punk Gang to get rid of them. As a riot ensues, Lt. Shriker decides to help Paul fight the Street Punk Gang and saves his life by killing Hermosa after he was about to shoot Paul. Lt. Shriker and Paul fight agianst the Street Punks until Lt. Shriker is shot in the arm and he and Paul go back to Paul's apartment to call an ambulance. While they are there Manny Fraker confronts them with a gun and when Manny turns to Lt. Shriker Paul blows him up with a LAWS missle launcher. Lt. Shriker lets Paul leave before the police can arrest him. Lt. Shriker usually refered to Paul as "dude" for unknown reasons.