Lt. Hector Vasquez
Lt. Hector Vasquez
"You remember that vigilante from back in 74? It's the same guy."




November 16th, 1951


1994 (Aged: 43)


Corrupt Police Lieutenant

First Appearance

Death Wish 5: The Face of Death

Portrayed By

Miguel Sandoval

Hector Vasquez was Brian (Tony) Hoyle's partner and corrupt cop who would leak information to Tommy O'Shea in Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. He was portrayed by actor Miguel Sandoval.


Agiasnt Paul KerseyEdit

Lt. Hector Vasquez was a police Lieutenant in the New York Police and worked as an informant for Tommy O'Shea and get him out of trouble when he was under police suspicion. Hector usually showed his nice side to people. He was well aquainted with Hoyle's family and ate with them. When Paul Kersey considered getting revenge agianst Tommy for disfiguring Olivia Regent, Hector presuaded him not to. He encouraged them not to testifty agianst Tommy but when they did Hector told Tommy about it and he sent Freddie "Flakes", Chicki Paconi and Sal Paconi kill them. Paul survived the attack and Hector informed Tommy that he was the vigilante from back in the 1970's. Hector continued to give information to Tommy about Paul until Paul realized that Hector was working agianst him. Paul invited him over to his house but Hector knew what was going on and planned to kill Paul but when Hector arrived Paul killed him with two shots to the chest. Hector would get the information by listening in on Hoyle's telephone conversations.