Jojo Ross
Jojo Ross
"I got something special for you, just like I promised."




January 12th, 1949


1987 (Aged: 38)


Drug Dealer

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Hector Mercado

Jojo was a drug dealer responsible for killing Erica in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He is portrayed by actor Hector Mercado.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Jojo Ross was a street dealer in Ed Zacharias's Cartel who was secretly working for the Fake Nathan White Drug Syndicate. He sold drugs at an arcade along with Jesse. Two of his customers were Erica Sheldon and her boyfriend Randy Viscovich. Jojo was instructed by Fake Nathan White to give Erica a lethal dose of cocaine so that Paul Kersey would get rid of the competition for him in retaliation for Erica's death. After Erica died, Randy confronted him and wanted revenge for Erica's death. Randy was about to report Jojo to the police and Jojo killed Randy by stabbing him with a knife. Paul went looking for Jojo the next night and killed Jojo by shooting him and Jojo fell onto the electrified roof fence of a bumper-car ride. Later, his death causes suspicion at Ed Zacharias's birthday party as he thinks Jack Romero and Tony Romero were responsible. It is later dismissed as not the Romero Brother's fault after they reassure him that they want to keep the peace.