Joe Darley
Joe Darley
"Wait a minute. You fucking kiddin' me? You?"




July 6th, 1985


2007 (Aged: 22)


Member of the Darley Gang

First Appearance

Death Sentence

Portrayed By

Matt O'Leary

Joe Darley is a member of the Darley Gang and antagonist in Death Sentence. He is responsible for the death of Nick Hume's son Brendan. He was portrayed by actor Matt O'Leary.


Against Nick HumeEdit

Joe Darley is the son of Bones Darley and younger brother of Billy Darley. On the night he was going to be initiated into the Darley Gang, the other gangmembers picked Nick's car for the initiation after he flashed his headlights at their car. After Nick and his son Brendan stop at a gas station Joe and a few other members of the Darley Gang break in and kill the clerk. Afterwards, Billy tells Joe that to become a member of the gang he has to kill Brendan. Joe slices Brendan's throat open with a machete and the gang flees. Nick tackles Joe as the other members of the gang drive off. Joe manages to get away from Nick and runs into the street only to be hit by a car. Later at the trial after Nick realizes that Joe would only get 3 to 5 years for killing Brendan, Nick drops the charges and decides to get justice against him. Joe celebrates outside with the other members of the Darley Gang and later Billy takes him to a prostitute. That night Nick finds where he is and confronts him as he is taking out the trash. A brief struggle between Nick and Joe occurs and Nick stabs Joe multiple times in the chest with a garden knife. Later the members of the gang mourn his death and try to figure out who is responsible. After they realize it was Nick they set out for revenge against him.