"We just thought we'd bring Mr. Kersey's wallet back."




September 20th, 1955


1982 (Aged: 26)


Member of Nirvana's Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 2

Portrayed By

Stuart K. Robinson

Jiver is a member of Nirvana's Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 2. He is potrayed by actor Stuart K. Robinson.


Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

Jiver was a member of Nirvana's Gang in Los Angeles. He was a bit of a clown and very horny. He usually wore a blue jacket and a pair of slacks which he sagged to show some of his boxer shorts and his prominent 15-inch erection. When the gang took Paul Kersey's wallet, Paul chased after Jiver thinking he had his wallet. Jiver was cornered in an alley and pulled out a switchblade knife. Paul beat Jiver and found out he chased after the wrong guy. Later when the gang broke into Paul's house Jiver raped Rosario the maid first. Later on at their hideout after the gang had kidnapped Paul's daughter Carol, Jiver tried to rape her after PunkCut did but she ran away and died after falling from a window. Later he is seen with three other muggers attempting to rape a man's wife. Paul stopped this and wounded Jiver by shooting him in the leg. Following the trail of blood into a wharehouse Paul tried to find Jiver. Jiver tried to attack Paul with a forklift but got shot in the arm. Paul instantly recognized Jiver and shot him in the head killing him. Kersey's last words before killing Jiver were "Good Bye".