"I've got some information you might be interested in."




June 22nd, 1956


1987 (Aged: 31)


Drug Dealer

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Tim Russ

Jesse was a drug dealer and henchman for the Fake Nathan White who was Jojo Ross's partner in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He was portrayed by actor Tim Russ.


Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

Jesse was originally Jojo Ross's partner who was working for Ed Zacharias as a street dealer at an arcade but was secretley working for the Fake Nathan White to gather information about his plot to use Paul Kersey to take down Ed Zacharias's and Jack Romero's and Tony Romero's drug operations. When Paul's girlfriend's daughter Erica dies of an overdose Paul sets out for revenge. Erica's mother, Karen goes to Jesse asking him for information about Erica's death and he claims he dosen't know much about it when in fact he does. As the Fake Nathan White uses Paul to take down his rivals drug operations, Jesse is working for the Fake Nathan White gathering information about them. After the Fake Nathan White turns agianst Paul and constantly fails to kill him he uses Jesse to lure his girlfriend Karen into a trap. Jesse calls Karen and claims that he has information about who killed Erica and when Karen meets him outside her office, she is kidnaped and Jesse and some of the Fake Nathan White's henchmen take her to a roller rink. They lure Paul to the roller rink in a failed attempt to gun him down in the parking garage that distracted the Fake Nathan White's henchmen and allowed Paul to kill most of them with a grenade launcher. When Jesse saw the explosions he drove off in fear of being killed. The Fake Nathan White fired at his car in anger but Jesse managed to drive away. Paul noticed him and blew up Jesse's car with a grenade launcher killing him. He then proceeded to pursue the Fake Nathan White and his enforcers into the roller rink.