Jack Romero
Jack Romero
"Get to the point."






1987 (Aged: 32)


Leader of the Romero Brothers Cartel

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Mike Moroff

Jack Romero is a drug lord and antagonist in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He and his brother younger brother Tony Romero are the heads of the Romero Brothers Cartel and control almost half of the drug trade in Los Angeles. He was portrayed by actor Mike Moroff.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Jack and his brother Tony were in charge of the Romero Brothers Cartel in Los Angeles and were at peace with Ed Zacharias's Cartel. Jack was more trusting of Ed Zacharias than Tony and wanted to keep the peace with him. They were unrivaled by anyone except Ed Zacharias and the Fake Nathan White went unoticed because their operation was so small. When the Fake Nathan White wanted to control the drug trade in Los Angeles, he enlisted the help of Paul Kersey under the impression that he was seeking revenge agianst the drug lords. Jack and Tony became suspisious of Ed Zacharias as the attacks on their operations became more frequent. Jack stayed cool headed about the situation and wanted to work the problems out with Ed Zacharias while Tony wanted an all out war agianst him. Eventually they tried to settle the problem once and for all but before peace could be made Paul set them up at their meeting by shooting at them with a sniper rifle. He injured Jack by shooting him in the arm before a shootout started between the Romero Brother's men and Ed Zacharias's men. Nick Franco killed Jack by shooting him in the chest while he was on the ground.


Jack Romero was calm, pacific, amiable and very light-hearted, unlike his explosive, reckless and violence-prone younger brother. Although not as violent and cruel as Tony or his own cartel members, Jack could be very mean and firm in terms of authority when necessary, especially when it came to keep Tony under control. Another difference from Tony is that Jack was more "approachful" and even civil towards his rival Ed Zacharias, whom he gave a birthday gift and did not even believe him to be trying to defeat them, causing Jack to be held in clearly higher regard by Zacharias than Tony. Jack's relaxing and soft-minded personality did not allow him to see the set up created by Paul Kersey to turn both drug cartels against each other, incidentally leading to his death in the oil rig shootout.