"You'll have to find another option Samuel. No one could pay the taxes."






Supervising Architect at Paul's Architect Firm

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Jack Wallace

Henry is a high ranking employee at Paul Kersey's architect firm and supervisor for many employees and projects in Death Wish. He was portrayed by actor Jack Wallace.


Architect At Paul's FirmEdit

Hank was a supervising architect and project manager at Paul's firm and oversaw the project in Tucson, Arizona where Ames Jainchill was planning on hiring them to design a new development. Ames didn't want to compromise much of the land and they were having difficulties negotiating with him. Henry along with Paul and Sam Kreutzer went over the project the morning that Paul's wife and daughter would be attacked by the Freaks. Later after Paul was slowly recovering after the attack, Henry suggested that Paul go to negotiate with Ames Jainchill in Tucson to get out of the city for a bit. Paul eventually agrees and goes to Tuscon and meets Ames Jainchill to negotiate the project.