"I'll tell you what to do and when to do it."






1985 (Aged: 32)


Member of the Street Punk Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

David Crean

Hector is a member of the Street Punk Gang who tried to take over the gang while Manny Fraker was in jail. He was portrayed by actor David Crean.


Member of the Street Punk GangEdit

At some point before Paul Kersey arrived in East New York, Manny Fraker was sent to jail. Hector thought that he would try to take over the gang while Manny was in jail and did some drug deals with Chaco. No one seemed to oppose him taking over the gang although most of the members were worried about Manny getting out of jail and finding out about the drug dealings. Once Manny did get out of jail he went into the Street Punk Gang hideout and noticed Hector and Chaco going over a drug deal. Chaco seemed uneasy about it and questioned wheather or not they should be doing it to which Hector told him that he was in charge. Manny walked in and cornered Hector and stabbed him in the neck with a switchblade for doing drug deals while he was in jail and was welcomed back by the members of the gang.