Hawaii is a U.S. state that is popular among tourists for it's tropical climate and beaches. Paul Kersey and his wfie take a vacation to Hawaii in Death Wish.

Death Wish (1974)Edit

Paul Kersey and his wife Joanna Kersey are seen vacationing in Hawaii in the beginning of Death Wish. Hawaii is
Paul and Joanna at the beach

Paul and Joanna at the beach.

portrayed as a peaceful island paradise far from the streets of New York City. Paul and Joanna have a wonderful time there and are sad that they have to go back to New York after the vacation is over. They have fun at the beach and later go back to their hotel. That night they attend a Luau at their hotel and later leave for the airport to go back to New York. In New York, some of Paul's co-workers ask him about Hawaii and remark about how it must have seem so foreign to New York. During the time Paul and his wife were on vacation, crime rates in New York had risen extremely high.