Freddie "Flakes" (Fredric Garrety)
Freddie Flakes
"What a beautiful face. Too bad I'm gonna have to take it away from you!"




August 17th, 1951


1994 (Aged: 43)


Henchman in the O'Shea Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 5: The Face of Death

Portrayed By

Robert Joy

Freddie "Flakes" (Fredric Garrety) was one of the main henchmen in the O'Shea Gang who was responsible for the death of Paul Kersey's girlfriend Olivia Regent in Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. He was portrayed by actor Robert Joy.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Freddie got his nickname becuase of his dandruff condition. Freddie was a paranoid man and had lots of security systems at his house. He also liked using disguises. He was first seen at a resturant where Tommy and some of his enforcers were only a few tables away from where Paul was proposing to Olivia. Freddie was hired by Tommy to d
Freddie Flakes in Disguise

Freddie "Flakes" in Disguise.

isguise himself as a woman and sneak into the women's restroom at the restaurant. Once in there he tied up Olivia and smashed her head agianst the mirror making her bleed and have cuts all over her face. Freddie walked right past Paul on the way out the restaurant. He tortured Olivia to stop her from testifying against Tommy. After Olivia still tries to testify against Tommy, he has Freddie, Chicki Paconi and Sal Paconi come to Olivia's house and kill them both. Freddie kills Olivia by shooting her and causing her to fall of the top of the building. Paul manages to escape and decides to get revenge against them. After Paul kills Chicki Paconi, he goes to Freddie's house and using a bomb planted inside a remote controlled soccer ball he kills Freddie. When it exploded his head caught on fire. Even though Freddie was one of Tommy's top hemchman he seemed unsympathetic at his funeral and only wanted to get revenge against Paul no matter how many of his enforcers he killed. Tommy also most likely seemed unsympathetic, having been bored by Chicki's recent funeral. Paul Kersey eventually tricked him to pick up an explosive-rigged remote-controlled soccer ball and blew him up into oblivion.