Death Wish Freaks
"We want the money mother, now get it!"


All three Male


Spraycan: January 30th, 1943, Red Jacket: January 26th, 1948, Brown Jacket: October 22nd, 1952



First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Spraycan: Gregory Rozakis, Red Jacket: Christopher Logan, Brown Jacket: Jeff Goldblum

The Freaks were a group of three hoodlums who broke into Paul Kersey's house and killed his wife and raped his daughter. They were the main reason Paul became a vigilante. The one with the spraycan and denim jacket was portrayed by Gregory Rozakis, the bald one with the red jacket was portrayed by Christopher Logan and the one with the brown hat and the brown leather jacket was portrayed by Jeff Goldblum.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

The Freaks are first seen misbehaving in the grocery store where Paul's wife and daughter are shopping. Paul's wife and daughter don't seem to notice them and they get in line at the check out counter behind them. The Freaks buy beer and spraypaint and before they leave they notice someone put Paul's wife and daughter's address in the crate they want delivered to their house. The Freaks get the address and go find the house. Once there the Freak with the
Death Wish Freaks strangle Paul's wife

One of the Freaks strangles Paul's wife

spraycan spraypaints on the wall on their way up the stairs. When they get to the front door, they pose as grocery dileverymen and bust their way in after Carol opens the door. The Freak with the spraycan spraypaints the house and also paints a swastika and the other two demand money. Once they find out Paul's wife only has $7 they beat her up. They then proceed to rape Carol while Paul's wife watches and gets beaten to death. It continues for a while then they leave. After Paul's son-in-law finds out he informs Paul who rushes to the hospital to finds out his wife has died and his daughter is in a traumatic state. Paul goes to the police but they inform that there is a slim chance they will find these guys. The police never find them and the Freaks are never caught. This injustice inspires Paul to become a vigilante and he sets out to rid the streets of hoodlums.