Female Punk
Manny's Girlfriend






Manny Fraker's girlfriend

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Barbie Wilde

The Female Punk is a high ranking female member of the Street Punk Gang and Manny Fraker's girlfriend in Death Wish 3. She was portrayed by actress Barbie Wilde.


Member of the Street Punk Gang and Manny Fraker's GirlfriendEdit


The Female Punk and the remaining of the Street Punk Gang members retreat from East New York after Manny's demise.

Although she has no major role in the gang other than being Manny Fraker's girlfriend and occasionally giving orders on his behalf, she is quite noticeable among the Street Punks. She is usually seen hanging out with Manny, The Giggler, Hermosa or Angel when nothing is going on and always near them when they are causing trouble. She doesn't usually get involved in any violent activity, although she has no problem with it. When the citizens of East New York launch a battle against the Street Punks, she stayed close to Manny for most of the battle. When Manny finds Paul Kersey and Lt. Richard Shriker, she waits outside while Manny confronts them. After Paul kills Manny with a missile launcher, she screams and she and a few other Street Punks run over to where it happened. With Manny dead she decided that it would be better for the Street Punks to surrender and she and the surviving members of the Street Punk Gang walk away from the scene. It is unknown if she was second in command of the gang or just the highest ranking surviving member.