Fake Cops
Fake Cops
"Your under arrest Mr. Kersey."


Both Male


Passenger: 1957, Driver: 1959


Driver: 1987 (Aged: 28)


Members of the Fake Nathan White Drug Syndicate

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Passenger: Dale Robinette, Driver: Russell Solberg

The Fake Cops were two members of the Fake Nathan White Drug Syndicate who dressed up as cops in an attempt to kill Paul Kersey and antagonists in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. The one in the passenger seat of the police car was portrayed by actor Dale Robinette and the one driving the police car was portrayed by actor Russell Solberg.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

The Fake Cops began working for the Fake Nathan White at an unknown time. They are first seen pulling over Paul Kersey in their squad car as he drives away from the Real Nathan White's house after going there to confront him for his failed assassination attempt only to realize that the Fake Nathan White wasn't who he said he was. After Paul stops his car, the two get out and say he is under arrest for homicide and put him and handcuffs. After putting him in the back of the car, they say they're taking him Downtown. Paul gets suspicious as they begin driving in the wrong direction and asks if he knows the cop from a police station that he made up. The cop says that it is possible and Paul then realizes that they aren't real cops. He begins kicking the metal barrier between the front seats and back seats until he breaks it and causes the car to ramp onto another car and roll over. The driver is killed and the passenger is knocked uncontentious. Paul gets out of the car and uncuffs himself and gets his gun back then gets away before the real police arrive. Later, the driver tells the Fake Nathan White that Paul is still alive. The Fake Nathan White then angrily tells him to go away and he thinks of a new plan to kill Paul.