Ed Zacharias's Hitmen
Ed Zacharias's Hitmen 1
"I know your face, did you ever live in San Fransisco?" (Art Sanella)


All 3 Male


Danny Moreno: 1953
Art Sanella: May 16th, 1944
Jack Stein: 1932


Danny Moreno: 1987 (aged: 34)
Art Sanella: 1987 (aged: 43)
Jack Stein: 1987 (aged: 55)


Hitmen for Ed Zacharias's Cartel

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Danny Moreno: Michael Russo
Art Sanella: Danny Trejo
Jack Stein: Unknown

Ed Zacharias's Hitmen are 3 hitmen who work for Ed Zacharias's Cartel and are antagonists in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. The one in tan suit, blue necktie, and who looked like to be the younger of them is named Danny Moreno, and was portrayed by actor Michael Russo; the one in darker grey suit, purplish-grey necktie and a thin goatee-like moustache is named Art Sanella, and was portrayed by actor Danny Trejo; the bald one in very dark purplish-grey suit, yellow necktie, sunglasses and appeared to be the oldest of them is named Jack Stein, and it is unknown who portrayed him.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Not much is known about them individually and their activities as hitmen for Ed Zacharias. They are first seen walking around with Ed Zacharias at his lavish birthday party as his bodyguards around members of the Romero Brothers Cartel. They became the targets of the Fake Nathan White once he used Paul Kersey to take down all of the drug operations in Los Angeles so he wouldn't have any competion under the false impression that he wanted to stop the drug lords. They were first seen at Ed Zacharias's birthday party walking around with Ed Zacharias while he celebrated his birthday. They were present there as his bodyguards around Jack Romero and Tony Romero as they were at the party. They were at an Italian resturant one afternoon and Paul came into the resturant posing as a wine salesman. The bottle of wine that Paul brought had a bomb planted in it. He offered a free glass to the bartender and after he said that he thought the wine was good Paul went over to the table where they were sitting and put the bottle on the table and tried to walk away. Art Sanella grabbed Paul's arm and said that he thought he knew him from somewhere. Paul sat down at the table and told him that he had never met him before. Before the bomb exploded Paul threw a glass of water in Art Sanella's face and ran away. The bomb killed all three men - and possibly the bartender as well. Ed Zacharias is shocked by their deaths and suspects that Jack and Tony Romero are behind the attack.

Art SanellaEdit

Ed Zacharias's Hitmen 2

Art Sanella.