District Attorney Peters
District Attorney Peters
"Oh no, we have to keep it that way. This whole city would explode. We'd have vigilantes out in the street killing anybody who even looked greasy."




March 19th, 1923


District Attorney of New York City

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Fred J. Scollay

District Attorney Peters is the district attorney of New York City in Death Wish. He, along with Police Commissioner Dryer and Lt. Frank Ochoa tried their best to keep the vigilante case as quiet as possible. He was portrayed by actor Fred J. Scollay.


With the increasing number of vigilante killings in New York City committed by Paul Kersey, DA Peters wanted to make sure that even with the killings the city would keep calm. In order to keep order, he enlisted the help of experienced detective Lt. Frank Ochoa who had been assigned to the vigilante case and police commissioner Dryer. He invited Lt. Ochoa to meet him and PC Dryer in his office one day to discuss what to do with the case due to Lt. Ochoa cornering Paul Kersey as the prime suspect of the killings. DA Peters told him that muggings had gone down considerably and not many people knew that. He said that if the citizens of New York realized that the vigilante killings helped lower the crime rate, they would take up arms against crime and the city would descend into chaos. Lt. Ochoa, although reluctant, agreed not to arrest Paul Kersey in order to keep peace within the city. Later after Paul was captured, in order to comply with DA Peters and PC Dryer's orders, Lt. Ochoa let Paul Kersey leave the city and move to Chicago.