Detective Sid Reiner
Detective Reiner
"Hold it Kersey, put down the gun."




July 25th, 1933


Police Detective

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

George Dickerson

Detective Sid Reiner is a Los Angeles police detective who is partners with Phil Nozaki who was in charge of investigating who was responsible for the attacks agianst the Romero Brothers Cartel and Ed Zacharias's Cartel in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He was portrayed by actor George Dickerson.


Ivestigating the Attacks Agianst the Romero Brothers and Ed ZachariasEdit

Detective Sid Reiner is first seen with Phil Nozaki investigating who was responsible for the murder of one of Ed Zacharias's dealers Jojo Ross. Phil and Sid wonder who is responsible and decided to question Paul Kersey. After they find nothing they continue to investigate the murder until the Romero Brothers's and Ed Zacharias's drug operations began getting attacked. Sid and Phil begin to suspect Paul Kersey after they discover that he was the vigilante from a few years ago. They want to move in on Paul and try to convince their superiors that he is the man behind the attacks but they insist that it is a gang war and want to stop the attacks before they get out of hand. After Phil finds out that Paul is the man responsible for the attacks he tells Ed Zacharias who orders him to kill Paul. Paul kills Phil and once Sid finds out he wants revenge against Paul and sets out to arrest him. He confronts Paul at his house and attempts to arrest him but Paul knocks him out and escapes. He wakes up and follows Paul to the roller rink where the Fake Nathan White is holding Karen Sheldon hostage. After Paul fights his way to the Fake Nathan White the Fake Nathan White kills Karen and Paul kills the Fake Nathan White. As Paul stands alone Sid approaches him and tells him to drop his weapon. He does but just walks away. Sid threatens to shoot Paul but decides to let him go after Paul keeps walking.