Phil Nozaki
"I want to know who is attacking Ed Zacharias."




June 29th, 1943


1987 (Aged: 44)


Corrupt Police Detecitve

First Appearance

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Portrayed By

Soon-Tek Oh

Detective Phil Nozaki was Det. Reiner's partner and a corrupt detective in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. He is portrayed by actor Soon-Tek Oh.


Against Paul KerseyEdit

Phil Nozaki was a Los Angeles police detective who was Det. Reiner's partner and best friend. It is unknown when he began working for Ed Zacharias, though it is assumed before Paul Kersey began to attack his drug operations. He was not necessarily a bad cop, just a corrupt one who preferred not to kill. He and Det. Reiner investigated the attacks on Ed Zacharias's and Jack Romero and Tony Romero's operations and try to close on whoever is attacking them by stalking out the crime scenes. When Paul assassinates Frank Bauggs, Phil suspects it's Paul and reports it to Ed Zacharias. When he finds out, he orders Phil to kill Paul. Phil decided to get information about who is attacking the drug operations and tried to make Paul give him the information at gunpoint. Before Paul gives any information, he shoots Phil in the chest and hides his body outside of town. When it is discovered, Det. Reiner tracks down Paul and tries to kill him. Paul later explains Reiner about Phil's corruption, but Reiner didn't believe. After Paul escapes, Reiner realizes that Phil was corrupt. He was still angry about Paul killing Phil but he decided to let him go instead of arresting him.