Death Sentence is the 1975 sequel to the novel Death Wish by Brian Garfeild.
Death Sentence Novel

Death Scentence Novel cover


Continuing six months after Death Wish left off, Paul Benjamin has moved from New York to Chicago after his catatonic daughter died in an institution, a result of the brutal attack that changed Paul Benjamin into a vigilante. Paul resumes his private violent war as he stalks criminals in the streets of Chicago. The only thing that may distract him from his crusade is a beautiful woman he starts cordially dating in his new life. And as Paul ends up having a double life, an imitating vigilante is out in the streets violently killing off criminals just like Paul. What's worse is that vigilantism soon begins to become a cry of publicity as the police have to look for their man before innocent people start dying out of injustice. Paul is not only after criminals or justice anymore, but he's also looking for a man who is as equally as dangerous as the vigilante he has become.

Film AdaptionEdit

In 2007, a film based on the novel (though a completely different storyline) was made, starring Kevin Bacon and directed by James Wan.


  • Paul Benjamin- After leaving New York, Paul moves to Chicago to start a new life but continue his war as he hunts the streets of his new home.
  • Irene Evans- Paul's new love and a lawyer, she gave up a smoking habit and is clearly in love with Paul, which is the reason of his utter distraction.
  • Harry Chisum- Irene's former mentor, he suspects Paul being the "Chicago vigilante" to the point on confronting him in his home and explaining why he must end it at once.
  • Orson Pyne- A college professor who is killing in the same manner as Paul.
  • Truett- The gun owner who sold two guns to Paul, and one to Orson.
  • Jim Splater- Paul's new employer who introduces Paul to Chicago.
  • Michael Ladlow- Chicago local.
  • Dan O'Hara- Chicago local.
  • Captain Victor Mastro- Detective who is on the "The vigilante case of Chicago".
  • Captain William Marlowe- Detective who is also on the case with Mastro.
  • John Childress- One of Paul's previous co-workers.
  • Joseph Crubb- A dangerous teenager that Paul stalks for two days.
  • Lloyd Marks- Fell into trouble when encountered a mugger, but was saved by Paul.
  • Joanne Marks- The blind daughter of Lloyd Marks who was saved by Paul.