"Okay, lady. Quietly now... do it niiice."




July 30th, 1961


1982 (Aged: 21)


Member of Nirvana's Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 2

Portrayed By

Laurence Fishburne

Cutter is a member of Nirvana's Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 2. He is potrayed by actor Laurence Fishburne.


Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

Cutter met his demise

Cutter met his demise as Paul Kersey shot at his head through his boombox.

Cutter is first seen hanging around with the other members of Nirvana's Gang. When Paul Kersey goes to get some ice cream and pulls out his money, Cutter and the other members steal it. Cutter and the rest of Nirvana's Gang run away as Paul chases after Jiver but he dosen't get his wallet back. Using Paul's wallet, Cutter and the other members Nirvana's Gang finds Paul's house and break in and the others rape his maid Rosario. They wait for Paul to come home and when he arrives Cutter and the others attack him and kidnap Paul's daughter Carol who later dies after trying to run away from them at their hideout. Paul sets out for revenge and kills off the members of Nirvana's Gang one by one until only Cutter, Nirvana and PunkCut are alive. Cutter and the other two are followed by Paul to a park where a weapons deal is going down. Cutter exchanges cocaine to the weapons dealer and examines two Smith & Wesson Model 29 Revolvers as Paul sneaks up on the meeting. Lt. Frank Ochoa had followed Paul and shoots a sniper in a tree much to the suprise of Cutter and the rest of them. A shootout ensues and Cutter tries to fight off Paul and Lt. Ochoa only to be shot in the face by Paul as he tries to protect his face by covering it with his boom box. He is killed instantly and lies there dead while the shootout continues. Cutter carried a boombox with him most of the time and always wore pink framed sunglasses and a gray hat. He was noted for his loud and humorous personality and like all members of Nirvana's Gang he was brutal and violent.