Columbia, South Carolina is the capitol and largest city in the U.S. state of South Carolina and the setting of Death Sentence. In the film, the city is portrayed as an overall average city with a low crime rate but defiantly one with a dark side to it.

Death Sentence (2007)Edit

In Death Sentence, Columbia is depicted as an overall average backdrop to an overall average man, Nick Hume,
Parking Garage in Columbia

Parking garage in Columbia.

and his family. The crime rate is relatively low and there are few things to worry about. But like any other city, Columbia is found to have a dark side. In it, Nick's son Brendan is killed by members of the Darley Gang and instead of pressing charges and giving the perpetrator a relatively light sentence, he decided to get revenge for himself. He goes after members of the gang and in the process makes himself and his family a target of the gang's violence. Where Nick lives and works is far away from the rougher neighborhoods and alleyways of the city where the gang operates. Nick taking his revenge against the gang leads his wife to be killed and for him and his other son Lucas to nearly be killed. In the end, Nick takes down the Darley Gang but has relatively empty feelings about his revenge after he realizes he is no better than the gangmembers and has caused his family more pain than the gang has. As the film progresses, Columbia is revealed to be more sinister than at first glance in certain parts of the city. Overall, Nick's revenge against the gang and their brutal revenge attacks against him left a huge impact on the city.