Chicki Paconi
Chicki Paconi
"You got a problem?"






1994 (Aged: 35)


Member of the O'Shea Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 5: The Face of Death

Portrayed By

Kevin Lund

Chicki Paconi is an enforcer in the O'Shea Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 5: The Face of Death. He was portrayed by actor Kevin Lund.


Agianst Paul KerseyEdit

Chicki was a mobster working for Tommy O'Shea. He and his older brother Sal Paconi came from an Italian family that owned a cafe which they always went to. He usually had a lollipop in his mouth. Chicki was a very surly, violent, and cruel man and was brutal and rough to people. He was also very destructive and unlike his brother he was often more violent and was the muscle instead of the brains. He is first seen with Tommy and Sal causing trouble in Olivia Regent's fashion factory. He points a gun at Paul Kersey after he confronts them. Later he is seen collecting protection money. He and Sal later kill one of Olivia's employees Reggie for talking to the police. Later on Chicki, Sal and Freddie "Flakes" storm Olivia Regent's house to kill him and Olivia but Paul escapes and goes after them. His addiction to Canolis was his downfall as Paul killed Chicki by pouring cyanide on his canoli at the cafe. Chicki then started chocking to death as he ate his canoli as his sister ran outside for help. Paul's last words to Chicki were "You got a problem?" and then he pushed Chicki's face onto the table. After he died there was a funeral held for him at a Catholic Church. His death depressed his brother Sal.