"Paul, take care of my things until I get back."






1985 (Aged: 66)


Resident of East New York

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Francis Drake

Charley was a war buddy of Paul Kersey and Bennet Cross who was killed by the Street Punk Gang. He is portrayed by actor Francis Drake.


Early LifeEdit

Charley served in World War 2 with Bennett Cross and later served in the Korean War with Paul Kersey. After the wars he moved to East New York.

Dealing with the Street Punk GangEdit

Charley lived in the same apartment as Bennett and the Kaprovs. He refused to pay tribute to the Street Punks which made him a target. Charley was afraid that the Street Punks would hurt him and wrote Paul a letter to come and visit. As Paul was on his way to Charley's apartment, The Giggler, Angel, and Hermosa broke into Charley's apartment and beat him up for not paying them. When Paul finally got to Charley's house he was dying of his wounds. He died in Paul's arms and the police arrived. Paul was wrongfully accused of the murder and was sent to jail.