"Hector, are we supposed to..."






Member of the Street Punk Gang

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Nelson Fernandez

Chaco is a member of the Street Punk Gang who was apart of dealing drugs while Manny Fraker was in jail. He was portrayed by actor Nelson Fernandez.


Member of the Street Punk GangEdit

Chaco was first seen with Hector while he was going over the drugs that Chaco had collected. Chaco seemed uneasy about doing drug deals behiend Manny's back and asked Hector if they should be doing this. Hector assumed that Manny would be locked up for a while and decided to take over leadership of the gang. Unknowing to either of them, Manny came in and noticed Chaco and Hector with the drugs. Chaco backed away as Manny cornered in on Hector and stabbed him in the neck with a switchblade for trying to do drug deals while he was in jail. Manny didn't seem mad at Chaco though. It is unknown if Chaco was killed in the battle between the residents of East New York and the Street Punk Gang.