Carol Kersey
Carol Kersey
"Who is it?"




August 10th, 1951


1982 (Aged: 31)


Paul Kersey's and Joanna Kersey's daughter and Jack Toby's wife.

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Kathleen Tolan and Robin Sherwood

Carol Kersey is Paul Kersey's and Joanna Kersey's daughter and Jack Toby's wfie who was raped by the Freaks and left in a traumatized state in Death Wish and later raped and murdered by Nirvana's Gang in Death Wish 2. She was portrayed by actress Kathleen Tolan in Death Wish and actress Robin Sherwood in Death Wish 2.


Before the AttackEdit

Carol Kersey was born to Paul and Joanna Kersey on August 10th, 1951 in New York City. At some point before the attack she married Jack Toby. Carol and her family lived a normal life up until Carol and her mother Joanna were attacked in 1974.

The AttackEdit

After leaving their address in a crate of groceries to have them delivered, a group of three hoodlums found it and went to their house. Upon getting up the stairs one of them knocked on the door posing as the grocery delivery man and Carol came to answer the door. They stormed in and attacked Carol and Joanna and demanded money. After only finding $7 they beat Joanna and begin to rape Carol. After they are done raping her they get away. Upon finding out about this Paul and Jack Toby rush to the hosptial only to find out that Joanna died and Carol is in a traumatized state. As Carol shows little improvement she dosen't speak and dosen't move and is put in a mental rehibilitation center.

Move to Los AngelesEdit

Carol kersey

Carol in Death Wish 2

Over the years Carol improved and began to speak after she and Paul moved to Los Angeles. She showed improvement by speaking and walking and she went to live with Paul instead of being in a clinic. One day while Paul, Geri Nicholas and Carol were at a street fair Paul went to by some ice cream. His wallet was stolen by members of Nirvana's Gang and he chased after one of them. He didn't get his wallet back and the gang used it to find where he lived. After the gang found Paul's house they broke in and raped his maid Rosario and waited for Paul and Carol to get home. When they did they knocked Paul down and kidnapped Carol. Before the police could arrive they took Carol with them and got away. At their hideout PunkCut raped Carol, and she did not resist her attacker. After he was done she tried to run away, and the gang chased after her. She tried to get away but she fell out of a window and was killed after being impaled on a spiked fence. Carol's unfortunate death made Paul want revenge against Nirvana's Gang.