Bennett Cross
"We heard shots. What happened?"




November 4th, 1919


Resident of East New York

First Appearance

Death Wish 3

Portrayed By

Martin Balsam

Bennett Cross is a resident of East New York and friend of Charley in Death Wish 3. He is portrayed by actor Martin Balsam.


Dealing with the Street Punk GangEdit

Bennett and Charley were buddies from World War 2. Sometime before Paul Kersey arrived in East New York, Bennett's wife died. East New York used to be a quiet neighborhood before the Street Punk Gang and Bennett worked as a taxi meter repair man. When the Street Punk's took over Bennet was furious but he couldn't do anything about it. When Paul Kersey arrived he started taking the neighborhood back from the Street Punks which sparked Bennett and the other residents of East New York to fight back as well. During this time his repair shop got destroyed as a revenge attack by the Street Punks and Bennet's apartment got it's windows broken by the Street Punks as well. He tried to use one of his MG42 Machine Gun on the punks but it jammed and he got severly beaten. He survived the attack and told Paul to kill the Street Punks. During the battle between the Street Punks and the residents of East New York, Bennett watched the battle from his hospital room. Bennett and Paul gradually became friends soon after he arrived in East New York and helped the residents fight agianst the Street Punk Gang.