Alma Lee Brown
Alma Lee Brown
"Everybody better look out for me from now on, because I've been robbed too many times, and I've had enough."




July 23rd, 1909


Citizen of New York City

First Appearance

Death Wish

Portrayed By

Helen Martin

Alma Lee Brown is one of the citizens of New York City who was inspired by Paul Kersey's vigilantims and went on T.V. describing how she fought off two men who tried to mug her. She was portrayed by actress Helen Martin.


Fighting Back Agianst CriminalsEdit

As Paul watched news reports about how citizens were becoming inspired by his vigilantism and fighting back agianst criminals, Mrs. Brown was being interviewed by a news reporter who asked her about how she defended herself agianst the muggers. She said she got a hat pin from her closet and in the dramatization it showed that two men who seemed to be unarmed tried to mug her but she kept them at bay with her hat pin and they ran off. She seemed very proud of herself and was glad that there was a vigilante who inspired her to defend herself agianst criminals.