The .32 Colt Police Positive is a .32 caliber double action revolver used by Paul Kersey in Death Wish to kill muggers as he became a vigilante.


The .32 Colt Police Positive revolver was designed by Colt's Manufacturing Company in 1907 and was used by

.32 Colt Police Positive

Paul's .32 Colt Police Positive.

many law enforcement agencies from the late 1910's to the late 1940's. It shoots the small .32 caliber round and has a 6 cylinder barrel. Paul's .32 Colt Police Positive is nickel plated and has a 4 inch barrel. It was given to him by Ames Janchill as a present after they made buisness deal in Tuscon. Paul wasn't quite sure what to do with the weapon once he got it but generally began to think of using it to kill muggers. He first used the gun on a mugger late one night when he shot Thomas Leroy Marston in the chest. As Paul became more well known as a vigilante he used the gun on more and more muggers until finally after he was wounded in a shootout with the Stair Muggers the gun was confiscated by Lt. Frank Ochoa when Paul was in the hospital. It is likley Lt. Ochoa kept the gun as a souviner after he let Paul leave the city.